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Our Family Photo

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Queen Wan Mazila

The Queen of Pondok Burok!
she's very kind, soft heart, very loving to any living things but very serious in certain matter such as work or anything related to her princess. Queen do not have many friends as she's that kind of person do not like to make calls and talk by phone.. for her nothing much to talk.. unless people approach her! so people normally though the Queen is very ego.. but deep in her heart she love to be part of other community the only things that she dont like is when others start talking about other people's life and always talk on negatif side of view, on their own perseption without knowing the truth yet!
The Queen also like to invite people to drop by to Pondok Burok with their family, have a drink, chatting, let guyz with guyz things, wife with kids story.. and let the kids do their things! specially playing with their pets!
in Queen's mind.. always about princess.. how she wants the kids to grow, educate them to get to know people, animals and what is happening to the world.. some people's are surfering and what can we do to help.. nothing much but at least the princess will feel the pain as well. Learn from what is happening around us for better undertanding and will appreciate life more than others... that's the basic need in life, pure heart.. it's good to fail sometimes as you will become a better person.


King Sahisal Azwan

The King of Pondok Burok;
He's very kind, soft heart, brotherly and a good King for Pondok Burok (PB) territory!. Never dreams to have better King for PB. like the Queen, the King minds also always on their princess.. how they grows, educate them how to think better in any matter. the King work very hard to make sure PB have better life, better living. Pondok Burok was created for the princess nothing more or nothing less. the King wants to have green area which now we have our little green garden.. mini jungle for the pets and others for princess peacefull mind..
and to make sure they are brave enough to face the reality, the King introduce some extreme game or activity for their princess.. camping, rock climbing and etc at least they can have strong mental.
the King is not a real King when it comes to family, his very soft spoken and do not mind to do anything beyond the title of "the King".. family first and sometimes "the Queen" first!. hahahhaha
and like the Queen, the King also likes to invite friends to PB, for business or pleasure and since the Queen do not mind making coffee, sometimes the King guests will stay till late night and the Queen keep making coffee all night long! hahaha this is fun for King and Queen... but for others, they have no idea..


Princess Myra & Maya

The Princess's
Princess Myra, the 1st princess. She's very quiet and soft spoken but very soon be teenagers. Do not have many friends as she prefers to stay at home all the times. watch her favorate TV shows such as Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, Cheetah Girl and all sort of teenagers dream world stories.. she's very manja in her own way, also like tomerajuk very frequent. Sometimes she's unpredictable and this kind of attitude (quiet) make the Queen and King worried much on what's in her mind.. she did not speak up and when she did, it's all about more love she demanded. hhmmm.. you could never satisfied any of your princess no matter how hard you work out toward it.
She likes to look at the mirror and try few dressers and all the time trying to look good which the Queen always reminded her that the beauty come's from inside no matter how you put on your make up. It need to come from the brain, your mind set then people will see your inner beauty and you'll be the pretty princess.
Anyway, she's really a good kid. She helps Queen in so many ways, cleaning the house and look after the Junior Princess.. and you can see she always feel proud of her family's.. thats the good things that she learn and see things happen around her..
Junior Princess, Maya - she's totally different from the first! very agresive, naughty, talk very loud even you tell her something suddently she will reply in very hard sound and the Queen and the King speechless!.. oh gosh.. hyperactive.. furthermore she will talk and talk and keep talking with her loud voice.. always demand for candy and drinks from the shop, better not to forget what she ordered otherwise she will start talking about the same thing until you get out and buy the things for her!! anyway, the good things about her you just need to physco her little bit and make her understand then it should be fine. ffuhhhh.... what to say and what to do.. thats the only cute baby left for you to hug!
On top of this.. they are adorable princess.. the Queen and King never hope for more or less.. god give us angels as what he promise! and he always give good things for you, sometimes you have a hard times.. but in return you will know why.. and glad that it's happened for you to see a better side of you. 

Sweet Heart...
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Love within Pondok Burok!
..the above photo's tell you thousand stories with million of love to share..
whenever you step out from home, fill your heart with love, you touch and kiss them with feelings like IF you will never return
whenever you need to hang up the phone, never forget that I love you or I love you too...
you will see everything by looking into their eyes, you feel how strong the love that you build and they see same things in your eyes!

Princess Myra @ 12 years! (2009)

Princess Maya @ 5 years! (2009)

Other Relatives

Here I might talk about other people in my family, or include a picture of all of us together at some special event.

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